“Just as a lamp in a windless place does not flicker, so the disciplined mind of a yogi remains steady in meditation on the self.” 
- Bhagavad Gita

In the realm of yoga, the word “light” often refers to the self-knowledge that is gained from steady practice and self-discovery. The word cultivate means "to foster the growth of." This two-week series is designed to help you grow your yoga practice by providing you with tools to sustain practice outside the yoga classroom and increase your self-knowledge.  

Session One will include a brief introduction to yoga philosophy and sequencing strategies (how to arrange poses in an optimal way). Session Two will offer tools for beginning or deepening your seated practice and will include an introduction to meditative practices (mantra and breath work). Each session will combine lecture, conversation and practice as a way to integrate the information you learn. You will leave the series with two sequences for home practice and a recorded guided meditation.

This offering is open to all levels of students and teachers.


Sunday, October 9th | 2-4:30pm
Introduction to Yoga Philosophy and Sequencing Strategies

Sunday, October 23rd | 2-4:30pm
Introduction to Meditative Practices

$65 for the series
No refunds, exchanges or transfers. 

*Open to 15 students*

Please e-mail info@toughloveyoga.com with any questions.