Carly Brown

With a background in athleticism and spirituality, Carly was drawn to yoga at first glance. Most of her journey with yoga had been centered on YouTube videos, books, DVDs and the occasional Groupon for a yoga studio in town. It wasn’t until she discovered Tough Love Yoga in Atlanta that she found a community and style of yoga that resonated with her passions, and allowed her to create a style of her own. As a student she is dedicated to finding alignment and new challenges in every pose, and she also values the ability to go inward and come home to herself on the mat.

Because of her love for both the physical and metaphysical elements of yoga, Carly’s teaching style is one that attempts to merge the two together. She utilizes alignment and anatomy to design classes that will keep you safe, strong, and challenged. At the same time, she believes that through the constant, devoted practice of asana, her classes will cultivate space for inward growth.

Carly completed her 200 hour training in 2015 under the love and wisdom of Neda Draupadi Honarvar and Rachelle Naga Priya Knowles. Inspired by their teachings, Carly’s aim is to meet her students where they are and use skill and knowledge to hold space for whatever may come.