Cobra Camp is a commitment to go further, to expand your awareness, build strength, and transform your practice. The boot camp style series focuses on building a strong foundation and alignment to build towards more advanced asana.

As the series progresses you will develop a deeper knowledge of your practice and form rich bonds with fellow yogis as you work towards more challenging poses together. Whether you are looking to jump start your practice or deepen it, Cobra Camp is the fuel for your fire! We will be working with advanced asana, modifications will be provided as needed.

April 25th - May 18th
Tuesdays and Thursdays | 6-7:15am

Grasshopper: In this sassy arm balance, one has to have a sense of playfulness. In this tricky but empowering pose, we will focus on pulling to the midline while strengthening and opening the shoulders & hips. There are many stages, so no mater where you think you are in your practice, there are several variations to build towards this peak pose. Come ready to have fun & work hard!

May 30th - June 22
Tuesdays and Thursdays | 6-7:15am

Warrior Series. Rise up this Cobra Camp as we explore Virabhadrasana I, II & III. Channel your inner Shiva as we delve deep into the details, strength & alignment of these poses which are some of the most used in yoga classes. These postures work deep into the hips, leg muscles, core & arms.

July  11th - August 3rd
Tuesdays and Thursdays | 6-7:15am
Join Jenn for a special Chakra-focused Cobra Camp. The first seven classes will focus on the seven main Chakra or energy centers in the body. The eighth class will pull it all together - traveling from the first, the Root Chakra, up to the seventh, the Crown Chakra, & back down. In each class we will learn the principles of each Chakra, do meditation via visualization, incorporate aromatherapy, chanting, & work with specific asanas designed to open these important areas of our bodies. Align, connect, explore.

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$80 for series (4 weeks/8 classes)
$15 drop-in

Please e-mail with any questions.