We are excited to welcome Patrick Beach back to Tough Love Yoga!
Patrick teaches vigorous and fluid vinyasa yoga that builds strength, creates flexibility and inspires play. His teaching goes beyond intelligent alignment; moving any willing student to an introspective, holistic experience that explores the chakras and cultivates mind-body awareness.


Friday, April 21st | 6-9pm
Get Hip to Handstands
Breakdown handstand from the ground up, focusing on alignment and full-body activation. Great for beginners and more advanced practitioners looking to strengthen the foundations of their handstand practice.
Get ready to take flight as we build the strength, knowledge and confidence to take your practice in a new direction!

Saturday, April 22nd | 9-11am
Core Control

Learn to glide through your practice with lightness as we break down how to activate the midline of your body in the full breadth of asana. Using efficient alignment principles and newly found core awareness, we will play with a variety of arm balances and handstands. All levels are welcome to this fun exploration of the practice.
Join in as we ignite a fire in your core, allowing you to take the reigns and move your practice anywhere!

Saturday, April 22nd | 1-3:30pm
Open Heart Open Mind - Backbending with Ease

Together we will focus on a number of heart-opening postures and take them to unexpected places of movement and freedom in our bodies. So often we find ourselves caught up on just one path or swirling the same old circles, with the same old narratives. Use this expansive, expectation-shattering practice to break out of old habits and start moving in new directions! Learn to move your spine safely through its full range of motion with grace and ease.
Expect to leave class with a new sense of space and a lighthearted mindset.

Sunday, April 23rd | 9-11:30am
A Complete Practice

Join Patrick for a well-rounded yoga practice moving through asana, pranayama and meditation that will work to create a true connection between body and mind. Explore the moment as we center the mind, move the body, and dig into the rhythm of your breath. This all-levels practice is a great way to open up the body and embrace new opportunities and challenges, while still providing plenty of time to stay grounded in your comfort zone.

Sunday, April 23rd | 1:30-3:30pm
A Sense of Calm

Creating a balance of effort and ease is crucial to a well rounded yoga practice. This full-body, restorative, Yin-style practice will allow you to release the hard work and surrender into a blissful resting state.
Unlocking the deep tension stored in our backs, shoulders, hips and legs allows us to move through life free and calm, finding both sukha and sthira, the balance of steadiness and ease.


$50 per session or $220 for the whole weekend.
No refunds, exchanges or transfers.

Please email info@toughloveyoga.com with any questions.