Join us for a kick-asana practice while being serenaded by your favorite metal bands!
We work and play hard in this class.  Come ready to sweat!

An hour of play and power, yogahour is an expertly taught flow/form class that’s ideal for all levels of practitioners, from beginners to experienced students without major injuries. 


Yogahour 101 is a more doable version of yogahour.
Suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners without major injuries. 

Classic yogahour plus 15 minutes of meditation and breath work. 
Suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners without major injuries.

Group Practice
Proceeds from this yogahour group practice go to support Cultivate Union, a non-profit committed to deepening the impact of yoga and meditation in Atlanta. Your support in our weekly yogive! classes helps Cultivate Union sustain weekly yoga classes at City of Refuge, where women experiencing homelessness and other hardships have access to yoga as a tool for healing trauma. 
Suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners without major injuries.

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An ongoing exploration into the art and science of yoga. Provides a highly attentive and supportive environment. Appropriate for beginners and ongoing students who wish to build a strong foundation for their yoga practice.

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Knowledge and experience gained in basics or yogahour is explored in a wider variety of postures.

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This intermediate and fiery group practice is designed for yogis looking to explore asana, alignment, and creative transitions in a playful, challenging, flow-based experience. Please note, this practice is not appropriate for beginners but is appropriate for students with a regular yogahour practice looking for more of a vinyasa-based practice.

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Join Neda every Monday night for an introspective group practice with rich alignment guidance to help you unwind for the week ahead. We'll warm up with prop work and variations on Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) and then move into seated and supine forward folds and twists. This class is appropriate for students of all experience levels with more doable and more difficult variations and stages offered for each pose.

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This class is all about cultivating the strength, flexibility, and confidence necessary for inversions. Each week we'll focus on key poses, drills, and detailed alignment that will set the foundation for a safe and sustainable inversion practice. We'll also play with inversion transitions and how to incorporate them into your practice. Whether you're new to inversions or are a long time practitioner looking for depth and refinement upside down, we have something for you.

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This class focuses on active, engaged stretching and smashing techniques with the aim of releasing tension and increasing range of motion in muscles and connective tissue. We'll work slowly into postures with long holds, deep breaths, and lots of props. This class is great for all levels of students, especially athletes and those recovering from injuries.

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Find refuge in rest. This restorative practice will allow you to surrender your tired bones, tight muscles, and exhausted minds to gravity with the aim of promoting mobility, relaxation, and deeper presence in your body.

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Sweat it out to a faster-paced, strength-building,all levels class set to hip-hop & pop jams from the 80's, 90's and now. Think bodyweight moves meets yoga meets mini dance party. Focus is on legs, glutes & core…but most of all having FUN. Heads up, some songs may contain explicit language.

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This specialized class focuses on providing relief, creating space & safely strengthening the body in preparation for childbirth & motherhood. It is open to all levels of yoga experience and women in any stage of pregnancy. An added bonus: connect with other mamas-to-be in a supportive, nurturing environment! Yoga during pregnancy helps keep you limber, tones muscles, improves circulation and increases balance & endurance. For maximum enjoyment & benefit, we recommend that you have taken yoga classes beforehand and be cleared by a physician for physical activity.