In this accessible and empowering core-focused and strengthening series, we will approach building our strength from the foundation up. Through mindful movements, education, and repetition, your practice will grow stronger and more informed. Jenn will focus mainly on the core muscles but also the legs and arms. The core muscles aren’t just the “six pack” – it's the pelvic floor to the back to the sides, all supported by and affected by our breath, the inner thighs, and even the arches of the feet.

This series is suitable for anyone who is brand new to yoga, is interested in re-entering the practice after some time away, or is recovering from injuries. Please let Jenn know if you have any specific injuries or needs at the first session.

Bring your curiosity and get ready to burn (in the best way!).

Thursdays, October 24th - November 21st

$50 for the series
No refunds, exchanges or transfers.

Please e-mail with any questions.