Elizabeth Ocheltree

Life is beautiful; we just have to choose to see it that way. For Elizabeth, yoga is a constant reminder to seek joy in living. Yoga is by no means a guaranteed ticket to happiness; rather, it empowers you to live consciously, to drink in each breath fully. In turn, yoga gets you that much closer to optimizing each moment. Elizabeth loves yoga for being a tool of holistic health and an essential player in the art of living well. She is in awe of the strength of body and mind  achieved through her practice, and by the peace and perpetual optimism made possible by making yoga a way of life. Elizabeth believes yoga is a vivid expression of life's beauty. Through creativity and attention to detail, she hopes to bring this spirit of expression and celebration into each class.

Elizabeth completed her first 200 hours of teacher training in 2012 in India under  Yogi Chetan Mahesh. Studying in India indulged her adventurous nature and her love for cultural experiences, as well as enriched her knowledge of the history and philosophy of yoga. She completed her second 200-hour training at Tough Love Yoga in 2014, which deepened her understanding and appreciation for the importance of alignment and the science of yoga.

Elizabeth is also a certified health coach and a Reiki practitioner. By combining these tools,
she works to empower herself and others to live healthy and fulfilled.