Erik Brownsword

As an office worker of substantial lank, Erik has found the power of yoga to undo the body’s desk-bound tendencies, unwind tight hamstrings and hips, and uncover a deeper mind-body connection. He loves yoga for its endless depth and the sense of progression it provides; the supple, subtle strength it encourages in body, mind, and heart; and the outrageous capacity for love and joy it can cultivate. He is a fan (if that was unclear) and he hopes to share it with everyone he meets, teaches, and learns from. 

In his classes, just as in his practice, Erik aims to safely work every part of the body, giving each its moment of power and growth, while building toward whole-body integration through precise alignment and intelligent sequencing. He strives for balance in everything: strength and stretch, exertion and exhilaration, alliteration and assonance. To him, teaching is a service, an act of devotion and love, but he’s going to have some fun with it. He encourages his students to do the same with their practice.  

Erik completed his 200-hour training at Tough Love Yoga in 2015. If he is not teaching or practicing, he is likely discussing Game of Thrones with you right now. You can tell him to stop.