During a full moon, the moon is positioned in such a way that it reflects the light of the sun and appears fully illuminated from our perspective on Earth. Many traditions and cultures consider the full moon to be sacred; an auspicious time to self-reflect and steep in practices that illuminate the mystical world within us.

Join Neda for a monthly gathering in honor of the beauty and power of the full moon. Each month will have a different theme rooted in yogic philosophy and teachings and will include time for storytelling, contemplation, meditation, journaling and discussion. Each gathering will culminate with the sharing of a sacred water ritual to help us ceremonially wash away what we wish to be free of and invite in the illuminating Shakti or power of the moon.

Please note: there is no asana as a part of this offering. Please bring a journal and a pen.

Saturday, October 12

No refunds, exchanges or transfers.

Please e-mail info@toughloveyoga.com with any questions.