Josh Jones

Josh owes the origin of his practice to being convinced by a friend to try a class at TLY -- "Dude, it's METAL yoga, you'll like it." Truer words were never spoken!  Much to his own surprise, he was immediately hooked, finding not only new dimensions along which to progress physically, but also a path towards becoming more grounded and self-aware. Because of his own experience, one of Josh's goals as a teacher is to make yoga accessible and fun for people that might not have ever thought of themselves as "yogis" (as well as for those that already do)! 

As a student, one of Josh's favorite things about yoga is that it provides constant reminders not to take oneself too seriously, and you will often find a foolish grin on his face throughout a challenging class. As a teacher, he always tries to bring that same sense of playfulness (and challenge!) to his classes, along with solid alignment-based approaches to poses; his belief is that these two elements are key in building a mentally, emotionally and physically sustainable practice.