Maggie Ballenger

Maggie came to yoga after years of soccer, running and cycling. Enjoying the heat and intensity of these sports, Maggie was naturally drawn to hot yoga.  She took her first class in 2007 and hasn’t stopped.  She felt it was time to step back from high impact sports & give something nurturing to her body and her mind. 

Yoga means to yoke...mind and body, which is exactly what her practice does for her.

Through her journey Maggie realized the external heat of a hot room wasn’t necessary to receive the benefits of yoga.  Insert Tough Love Yoga!  While being a strong & fiery yogi, Maggie has learned how THE PRACTICE in and of itself, regardless of the intensity, has a huge impact on her mental and physical presence.

Maggie creates unique playlists with creative sequences to flow throughout class.  Always challenging her students, she emphasizes creating internal body heat through strong vinyasas.

Her approach is graceful; Maggie loves arm balances, so get ready to fly.

In 2013, Maggie completed her 200 hour teacher training with Neda Honarvar at Tough Love Yoga.

“Really, I don't know how people live without yoga…I don't like the person I am without it."  - Maggie