Mary Catherine Hoffner

Growing up a ballet dancer, Mary Catherine has a love, a need for the mind-body connection created through movement. It was a feeling she was certain she'd never find outside of the ballet studio or the stage, until she moved to Atlanta and took a yoga class that finally clicked for her. It wasn't until she found Tough Love Yoga that she knew she found something that would easily fill the need for what she felt when she danced.

Her ballet training was very focused on technique & safe alignment to build strength and prevent injury - sound familliar? That's totally what yoga is about for Mary Catherine. She loves to pick apart a posture and know exactly what each muscle is doing in order to make the pose actually happen. From there, the magic happens!

So yes, Mary Catherine will get nerdy on alignment and she will encourage you to do what feels good. Her inner artist wants you to create something beautiful on your mat and feel good doing it. That's the mind-body connection she's so in love with and wants her students to fall in love with too.

With several years experience teaching dance, Mary Catherine knew teaching yoga and sharing the practice had to happen. In the spring of 2014, she completed the Tough Love Yoga's Certified Teacher Training led by Neda Draupadi Honarvar. She cannot wait to help you discover the sweetness she finds each time she gets on her mat.