Tough Love Yoga offers a limited number of private yoga sessions in Atlanta to beginners and advanced yogis who want to spotlight results in a focused, one-on-one environment. By offering yoga instruction at private residences, offices, or TLY’s studio space, we provide men and women of all ages and experience levels with the space to confidently build their practice in a judgment-free zone.  

“I truly think the combination of one-on-one lessons and the classes have added a very unique insight into developing my yoga practice. For me, it is very important to learn the techniques the right way from the beginning, and the lessons have helped me increase the rate at which I am progressing. In such a short time, I’ve moved far beyond what I could do at our first session.”  -Danny Z.

Customized yoga instruction can benefit you if you’re hoping to achieve any of the following:

  • Have more focused support to build strength and flexibility
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Develop your practice in a quiet, supportive environment
  • Increase mindfulness and balance
  • Move beyond your current practice to “the next level” of advanced poses
  • Build self-confidence before practicing as part of a group
  • Restore strength and range of motion after an injury
  • Learn how to prevent injury in your practice and in other athletic activities
  • Exercise at home as a new mother
  • Learn or deepen your understanding of meditation and pranayama (breath work)

We are able to offer two types of private instruction: long-term, for area residents who want to build their practice over time, and short-term, for out-of-town clients who would like private instruction between shoots or meetings. 


Long-Term Private Sessions
Long-term private sessions begin with a consultation, at which time we identify your long-term goals, discuss what yoga means to you, and develop a plan to help you build confidence in your practice. Whether you prefer a slow, therapeutic flow for relaxation or a fast-paced boot-camp experience to get in shape, your sessions will be built around your preferences, goals, and skill level.

Then, by receiving more guidance in each pose during the sessions, you will experience yoga in a way that makes sense to you for a better personal understanding of your own practice. Instructors will help you develop flexibility, improve strength, and incorporate breath work (pranayama) to find the optimum balance in your experience.


Short-Term Private Sessions
We offer private sessions for individuals who are in town for work or extended travel, and we deliver an unparalleled level of professionalism and discretion. As with our long-term private sessions, we work with a limited number of premier clients to develop a customized session based on their therapeutic needs and goals, and support them in a comfortable, one-on-one environment. We are able to work with clients in their suite, studio, trailer, or office and can accommodate many appointments outside of the immediate metro Atlanta area.


Private sessions start at $100/hour per session, which may increase depending on the instructor, the distance the instructor has to travel, the length of class, and the size of class.

*Payment for in-studio private yoga is due at time of booking and is non-refundable. Rescheduling must be done within 24 hours of the appointment, otherwise the fee is forfeited. Fees and appointments are also forfeited for late arrivals of more than 15 minutes without advance notification. Please note that even with advance notification we might not be able to accommodate late arrivals due to other scheduled clients.* 

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