The body wants to be well. In it's purest state, the body is balanced, open, healthy. However, problems with diet and lifestyle throw the body out of its natural harmony. This interruption of the body's energy flow, both physically and metaphysically, can deprive a person of their optimal health or even cause illness.

Reiki is an active approach to dealing with blockage or inadequate flow of energy. Reiki is life force guided by highest intelligence. By participating in reiki, a receiver opens his or herself to a higher  power, a universal energy outside of the self, while simultaneously awakening and connecting with the higher energy within the self. The process is extremely calming and therapeutic. Continuous  exposure to this technique can heal in profound and magnificent ways.

Reiki is a very gentle healing technique. It is hands-on and/or hands-off, and each experience is entirely catered to meet the receiver's needs. Each session includes a consultation and a  follow-up discussion with Elizabeth. An average session lasts approximately an hour and a half, but it is an entirely intuition-driven experience, so duration is subject to vary.

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