Adelaide Taylor

Name: Adelaide Taylor

Age: 22

What has your yoga practice given you?
Physical strength, greater headspace, and a fuller heart.

Why do you practice?
It just feels so good in every way.

What's your dream pose?
Scorpion in a handstand...on top of a mountain!

What's your favorite pose?
Peaceful warrior - it's a sneaky backbend and I like how grounded my legs feel.

What's your least favorite pose?
Pigeon - my hips and knees do not agree; I'll usually modify with figure-4!

What do you do when you're off the mat?
I work with wonderfully talented, hardworking people at a startup called Yik Yak, Inc. In my free time, I like to run outside, explore nooks and crannies of Atlanta, sip on local beer, and dance at as many live music shows as I possibly can!

What brought you to Tough Love Yoga for the first time?
It was in close proximity to my apartment, a friends' recommendation, and a curiosity for YogaHour.

What's your favorite thing about the studio?
The studio exudes an indescribable feeling of comfortability. The teachers radiate strength, mindfulness, and wisdom. The students share an eagerness to expand their practice and grow within themselves, without judgment nor competitiveness.

What's your advice for someone coming to yoga for the very first time?
Actually getting to the studio and walking into the class is honestly the hardest part, because you could easily say "yeah, another time" and be elsewhere. But as soon as other students surround you and the class starts, you will be so glad you came.

Tell us something unusual about yourself.
I am a trap/dubstep head.

What three words would your best friend use to describe you?
Independent, energized, pensive.

What's your guilty (or not so guilty) pleasure?
Craft beer - but I feel totally guilt-less about the delicious empty calories.

If you were having a dinner party and could invite anyone you wanted to, who would your four guests be?
Natalie Coughlin, Michael Pollan, Anthony Bourdain, and Diplo.